Irish 愛爾蘭人

A man moves from Ireland to New York City, leaving two of his best friends behind. To keep their tradition of nightly drinks alive, each evening he goes into an Irish-style pub and orders three pints. After a month of this the bartender becomes curious, and asks the man what he's doing.



Touched by the story, the bartender has the three pints ready for the man every time he comes in. One day, the man tells the bartender to only give him two pints.

酒保被他的故事感動,每一次這位愛爾蘭人進來,酒保就自動為他準備三大杯啤酒。 有一天,愛爾蘭人告訴酒保,只要給他二大杯就好了。


"My condolences" says the bartender, thinking that one of the man's friends has died.



 "No, no," says the man, "they're both still alive. I've just quit drinking."