Transcript of the Prime Minister's broadcast on Foot and Mouth Disease



March 29, 2001



This weekend will see the traditional start to the tourism season in Britain - when hundreds of castles, historic houses, wildlife centres and other attractions open their doors to visitors after the winter break. There's no doubt however, that this year the tourist season has been overshadowed by the Foot and Mouth outbreak.



This disease has been a devastating blow for livestock farmers. Hundreds of them have seen their animals, livelihood and hopes for the future destroyed and many others fear they will suffer the same fate.



It is a human tragedy and they deserve our sympathy and help. That is why no resource, no effort and no time is being spared to bring this outbreak under control. It's also why we promise to support farmers both now, through this immediate crisis, and for the longer term to build a sustainable future for the countryside.



But foot and mouth has also hurt the tourist industry, indeed the whole rural economy - and, in the vast majority of cases, totally unnecessarily. Bookings have been cancelled. Visitor numbers have fallen. This is true even in parts of the UK - and there are many of them, in fact the majority of them - which have not seen a single case of the disease.

口蹄疫也傷害到觀光業,事實上是傷害到整個的農村經濟 但是,其中大多數情況都是無謂的犧牲;預約遭到取消,觀光客數字下滑。這種現象也發生在英國有些從未出現疫情的地方 許多地方(事實上是大多數的地方),從未出現任何這種疾病的案例。


The Government is putting in place measures to help the tourism and the countryside, through these difficult times - such as tax breaks or rates holidays, for village shops and pubs and other country businesses. And we're urgently looking at what other help is needed.

政府正在採取措施幫助觀光業和鄉下地方渡過這個艱困時刻 諸如:減免鄉村商店、酒館、和其他鄉村事業的稅捐。我們也正在急切地觀察有什麼其他需要幫忙的地方。


But everyone I've met who works in the tourist industry over the last few days has made the point that, while Government assistance is helpful, what they actually need most is for the visitors themselves to return. So again we are doing everything we can to get over the message - at home and abroad - that the whole of the UK is open for business, as indeed it is. I know a lot of people from overseas visit this website regularly. And many of you may plan to visit the UK itself this year. You should come.

但是,過去幾天以來,我所遇到每個從事觀光業的人都指出:政府的協助固然很有幫助,但他們真正最需要的是觀光客的回來。因此,我們再一次地盡一切所能,在國、內外傳達訊息 整個英國都仍然開放營業,事實上一切如常。我知道有許多海外人士經常造訪這個網站,而且其中有許多人計劃在今年訪問英國,你們應該要來。


But I've seen some of the foreign news broadcasts about the impact of foot and mouth disease on Britain. I can promise you that they paint a picture of our country, which bears little relation to reality. In our towns and cities, you wouldn't notice any difference. Indeed in every village, town and city in the country, you can go into it. All the most famous landmarks from the Tower of London to Edinburgh Castle, from Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford to historic Cambridge, Chester, York, Durham - are open for business.

但是,我也看到一些外國的新聞媒體報導口蹄疫對英國的衝擊。我可以向你們保證,他們所描述的我國圖像,與實際情況出入很大。在我們的城鎮和都市,你們不會看到有任何不同之處。事實上,我國的每個村莊、城鎮和都市,你都能夠進入。所有最出名的景點,從倫敦塔到愛丁堡,從莎士比亞的誕生地史特埠到歷史景點劍橋、徹斯特、約克、都爾罕 都開放營業。


In the countryside, yes, there are some restrictions, particularly on using footpaths, that go through farm land. But there is still a huge amount for you to see and do. Many hundreds of attractions are open, even in the areas most severely affected. And more are opening all the time. For example, in Cumbria - the region with the most cases - all the top ten visitor attractions are open, including the cruises on Lake Windermere and Ullswater. And of course the beautiful towns and villages are open as normal as well.

在鄉下地方,的確有一些限制,特別是不能使用步道穿過農場土地。但是,仍然有很多可以看和做的事。數以百計的景點都是開放的,甚至受到影響最嚴重的地區也一樣,很多的地方始終都是開放的,例如,發現病例最多的地區 -- 坎伯利亞,所有前十名吸引觀光客的景點都是開放的,包括溫德密爾湖和尤斯華特爾湖的遊湖活動;當然,美麗的城鎮和村莊也是一如往常的開放。


So I hope you will see for yourself. On this site, we've set out county by county what the exact situation is, and how you can find out exactly what is open - from Land's End in Cornwall to John O'Groats in Scotland.

因此,我希望你們自己來看看。在這個網站上,我們會一個郡一個郡地列述真實的情況,以及如何準確地找到開放的景點 -從柯恩華爾的「土地盡頭」到蘇格蘭的約翰.歐格洛亞特斯。


I know, too, that many people in Britain have stayed away from the countryside because they believe this is the right thing to do. They want to help our farmers and help our rural communities. But now it is clear where the disease is and the extent of it. The best help you can give is to come and visit. Of course, there are some simple rules to follow: don't walk on farmland, and keep away from livestock. But that means a day out, or a weekend break, or a longer holiday can still be enormous fun - and just as relaxing as it ever was. And if you come - and I hope you will - I know you will find a warm welcome.

我也知道,在英國有許多人儘量不去鄉下地方,因為他們認為這樣做才是正確的,他們想要幫助我們的農民和鄉下的社區。但是,現在已經很清楚疫區在哪裡,以及嚴重程度如何。你們能夠做的最好協助就是來看看。當然,有一些簡單的規則要遵守:不要在農地上走動,以及遠離牲口。這表示出去玩個一天、或休息一個週末、甚或更長的假期,仍然會很有趣 -而且和往常一樣的輕鬆。如果你們來 我希望你們會 -你們將會受到熱烈的歡迎。


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