The Herdsman and the Lost Bull



A herdsman tending his flock in a forest lost a bull-calf from the fold. After a long and fruitless search, he made a vow that, if he could only discover the thief who had stolen the calf, he would offer a lamb in sacrifice to Hermes, Pan, and the guardian deities of the forest.



Not long afterwards, as he ascended a small hillock, he saw at its foot a lion feeding on the calf.



Terrified at the sight, he lifted his eyes and his hands to heaven, and said: "Just now I vowed to offer a lamb to the guardian deities of the forest if I could only find out who had robbed me; but now that I have discovered the thief, I would willingly add a full-grown bull to the calf I have lost, if I may only secure my own escape from him in safety."